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SRU has established the “Foundation Program” that is designed to help new students to enhance their English language proficiency and analytical skills through comprehensive courses to help them in achieving the targeted language requirements for the BBA program. Those students who:

  • Don’t have evidence of their English language proficiency (TOEFL 450 paper test or equivalent); or
  • Didn’t pass SRU aptitude test are to be admitted to the SRU’s Foundation Program that is designed to enhance their English language and technical skills.

The duration of the foundation program is one semester in which the students are to be in intensive courses to enhance their language and technical skills.

The foundation program consists of 20 credit hours distributed into English language courses (16 hours) and business related courses (4 hours) as following:

Course Title Credits / Contact Hours Taught By
English Writing 4 English Department
Business English Listening & Speaking 4 English Department
Business English Reading 4 English Department
English Grammar & Business Vocabulary 4 English Department
Business Statistics 2 SRU
Business Debate, Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills 2 SRU
  Total Hours: 20  

Students at the foundation program are expected to contact their professors and lecturers for 22hours weekly in addition to 22 hours of self-study using latest traditional and E-Learning resources that are available at SRU.

By the completion of SRU’s foundation program, students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate their ability to communicate in English language effectively.
  • Demonstrate their ability to read business related cases and write suitable and organized analysis.
  • Apply basic statistical techniques to business cases.
  • Demonstrate their abilities in business communications and negotiations.