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Students studying at other universities can transfer their credit hours that have been studied at their universities based on the following requirements:

  • The university or college in which the student is studied at is a recognized university by the Ministry of Education at KSA.
  • Transferred students are to pass the aptitude test of SRU and provide evidence for their proficiency in math, statistics and business skills at the time of providing evidence of their English language abilities at the same conditions that are applied to new students at SRU. Otherwise they are required to pass the foundation courses that will be assigned to them based on their results on the aptitude test and the language proficiency test.
  • The total number of transferred credit hours is limited to 40% of the total BBA credit hours (51 credits).
  • The transfer course should be equivalent to courses at SRU.
  • The Department’s curriculum committees are responsible for the decision of the equivalent courses.
  • Transferred credit hours are not to be included in the students GPA.
  • The student should successfully pass the personal interview conducted by SRU.
  • The GPA of the transfer student should be ranked as good or higher.

Transferred admission requirements are applicable to those students who have completed their 2 years college programs and would like to complete their bachelor degrees.