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Admission Requirements for Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

    The requirements for the admission for a new student are as follows:
    • The student must hold a secondary school certificate or equivalent from inside or outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • The student should be having a good conduct and behavior and no crime record.
    • The student should successfully pass the personal interview conducted by SRU.
    • The student should be medically fit.
    • The student must not be debarred from another university for any disciplinary or educational reasons.
    • The student must achieve a percent score in the general secondary education of at least 80%.
    • The student must achieve a percent score in the general aptitude test of 70%. This condition is not applicable for international students who came with general secondary certificate that is granted outside Saudi Arabia based on general exam conducted and graded by the legal authority of education at their countries, at the time of not requiring aptitude tests for university admission at their countries conditional to providing an evidence that their secondary certificates are recognized for admission in the top two universities (oldest two university of there is no official ranking in the country) at their countries.
    • A TOEFL score of 450 (paper test) or equivalent, and Passing the aptitude test conducted by SRU.


    Those applicants who meet the above mentioned requirements are eligible for being admitted to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at SRU based on seats availability.

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