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It is an honor and privilege to introduce our Executive Master of Business Administration Program (EMBA) at Sulaiman AlRajhi University. It is the premier Executive MBA in Qassim designed for senior and mid-senior professionals seeking to advance their business knowledge and leadership capabilities for a better understanding of the current changing business models.
Our EMBA is designed to equip you for both local and global changing, problematic, and complex challenges facing today’s business leaders. Adopting an innovative curriculum in line with international best practices, delivered by internationally diverse, qualified, and experienced faculty members and staff, and utilizes state of the art teaching and learning facilities. Our EMBA program presents the best life-long learning experience to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, for you to advance your leadership skills, and take your career forward.
We are looking to welcome those aspiring leaders who are passionate, innovative, and ambitious to start their new challenging journey that will take them to higher achievement levels in their career. The EMBA candidates are professionals from diverse backgrounds who bring their current experiences to the classroom and discuss business challenges in a collegial manner. An SRU EMBA will provide you with an excellent opportunity to engage with experienced peers and build new social and professional networks which will be invaluable for your career growth.