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Attended by the chair of its board of directors Dr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman AlRajhi, and Chief Supervisor of Sulaiman AlRajhi Colleges Professor Abdulrahman AlMazrou. Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business has successfully organized a workshop titled "innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility: Engagement and Innovation" in its campus at AlBukairyah.
Social innovation is considered nowadays as the new era of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) after two decades of practicing CSR and implementing it as concepts and initiatives that focus on company’s image and reputation with a little attention to the long-term impact for such practices on the next generations who will be the leaders for innovating the future. This led many companies to modify its business models and to include CSR and social strategies as core components in order to enhance its competitiveness and image. This new trend of CSR has created new business models that consider the investors as “impact investors” who are interested in generating measurable social impact at the time of gaining financial returns, which is the main purpose for smart governments at the current time who looks toward a significant participation of the private sector in developing societies and human resources. This new global trend is the one that we need to align the efforts of private sector to the Saudi 2030 mission and to be impactful participant in the development of the next coming generations.
The workshop aimed to highlight the current trends for CSR and the best practices globally that could be implemented in Saudi Arabia in this context to effectively enhance CSR strategies and to move toward in having a socially responsible corporations that could be part of the development efforts in Saudi Arabia. The workshop is mainly designed for senior management in the Saudi Companies who can share their thoughts and ideas for implementing the new trend for CSR in Saudi Arabia and how to efficiently invest in the future of our country considering the movement from being risk focused to opportunity .
Through this workshop, different concepts and ideas about social innovation were presented, discussed and disseminated for general discussion in this knowledge sharing workshop which will maximize the value of this workshop and its social impact.
Dean's Office, 21 December 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - 12:45