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Career Advising

SRSB aims to build leaders who are ready for being part of the future entrepreneurial opportunities and who can engage in different businesses. This has led SRSB to start its operation with much focus on career development activities that aim to enhance student’s skills and capabilities through establishing the Career Advising Unit.

The Career Advising Unit (CDAU) is the unit that is responsible for developing the needed skills for SRSB’s students to be competitive participants in their professions after getting graduated from SRSB. CDAU aims to provide students with future perspectives about what they will be facing during their professional life through a diverse set of professional training courses provided by both SRSB’s faculty and professional practitioners from different industries which will be reflected in providing our students with different experiences that could help them in developing the long life learning skills that they need to pursue their future careers. CDAU is one of the important units that works to enhance the leadership, negotiation and debating skills that would make SRSB’s graduates more influential people in their future careers.