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SRU aims at preparing leaders for entrepreneurial business opportunities who can participate in different business fields using their current business knowledge and long life learning skills. In contrast, SRU has established its different units and center that support the academic learning experience at SRU and to make the learning more innovative and impactful, these units and centers are to support achieving SRU mission and strategic goals through providing extra curricula activities and experiences that mainly focus on entrepreneurship practices, research and excellence in teaching and learning:
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center: this center aims at developing the entrepreneurship skills for our students that enable them to start their ventures and develop their own businesses. This center supports the main objective of SRU in preparing business leaders and business developers who can contribute to the business community and to their societies. Our goal is to help students to design their business thinking, propose business ideas, prototype their future projects, and develop their business models with its visibilities and future implications. Students who will be engaged in this center will go back from SRU with real business idea that could be implemented to create small business in their society.
  • Finance Research Center: This center aims theorizing finance practices and publishing it widely in order to develop and disseminate these practices globally. The center will engage scholars from all over the world in order to produce impactful intellectual contributions that help business communities in developing its daily practices. The center will take care about SRU students and will engage them in different research activities with reputed scholars in order to prepare SRU graduates to be active knowledge co-creators and to enable them to be the leaders of the future. SRU students will get benefited from this center for their future career and graduate studies.
  • Writing center: This center aims at enhancing the writing skills for all SRUs’ students at both professional and academic levels. The center will be supervised by qualified faculty members who came from academia and business sectors who will deliver their deep experiences in business writing to our students and who will help our students to be professionals in business writing. At the same time, SRUs’ students will be trained to writ scholarly academic articles and will practice the academic writing.
  • Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning: This center aims at continuously following up with SRUs’ faculty members to enhance their abilities in delivering SRUs’ curriculum that focus on the teaching and learning environment. The center will provide our faculty with current teaching and learning practices that are implemented in top tier business schools globally and will deliver the needed training programs that ensure keeping our faculty updated with global best practices in business education. The center will operate in collaboration with US accredited university in order to bring the international education locally.