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Our People


Prof. Obaid AlMotairy, PhD

Prof. Obaid AlMotairy is the Founder Dean of the Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business at Sulaiman Alrajhi University (SRC) in AlBukairyah, Qassim, Saudi Arabia. Prior to joining the SRC in 2016, he was the Dean of the College of Business and Economics (CBE) at Qassim University. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in teaching, administrative responsibilities, academic leadership, research, and engagements in educational, business and government institutions.
During his Deanship, he led the CBE in achieving the AACSB accreditation (Feb 2012 to November 2015). This initiative brought a complete transformation in CBE’s processes and aligned it with the global standards. During his Deanship, he has initiated several engagements with other institutions, academic experts and industries.
Dr. Obaid has led the Department of accounting for 6 years, was Vice Dean for Development & Quality, member of Auditing Standards Committee with the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants, Board member of Saudi Accounting Association, member of General Assembly of GCC Accounting Auditing Organization (GCCAAO), and member of Business schools Deans in the GCC.
Between 2005 and 2010, Dr. Obaid served as a full time consultant at the Saudi Commission for Tourism &Antiquities (SCTA). While in that position, he had leadership responsibility for projects in development of tourism resources and Fund Raising, forming Tourism Development Corporations, benchmarking and developing heritage hotels&tourism destinations, and facilitating investments in tourism.
His research interests are mainly focused on corporate governance, financial reporting (IFRS), auditing, internal auditing, audit committees, business education, and innovation &entrepreneurship. Dr. Obaid is also acting as a reviewer in many international and regional journals.


Prof. Wan Khairuzaman Wan Ismail, PhD

Wan Khairuzaman Wan Ismail is a Professor of Management at Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business, Saudi Arabia and was the former Dean of Azman Hashim International Business School, Malaysia He also serves as the adjunct Professor at Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia. Having written over 100 articles in various reputable journals including International Journal of HRM, The TQM Journal, and Journal of Business Research and more than 60 papers in local and international conferences, Prof. Wan was also instrumental in the establishment of executive programs for working adults at UTM.  He teaches Leadership and Change, Strategic Management, Technology Management and Innovation, Research Methodology and Organizational Behavior for DBA, MBA and Undergraduate programs. He has keen research interest in leadership, organizational change and technology management.


Prof. Qasim Zureigat, PhD

Prof. Zureigat is a professor of accounting with 16 years of teaching experiences for graduate and under graduate programs. His teaching experiences were proved by student’s evaluation and department evaluations as he usually uses different teaching strategies that support the learning outcomes for each course. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has worked as director of AACSB accreditation project and then as Assistant Dean for Accreditation. Since March 2016, Prof Zureigat has moved to Sulaiman AlRajhi University (SRC) as a founding faculty for Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business.
Prof. Zureigat organized and presented many workshops and seminars on accreditation, Quality and Assurance of Learning at higher education institutions. His research interests are mainly focused on auditing and audit quality, and include corporate governance, performance measurement, and human capital. In addition, he has a significant professional experience as a financial controller at SAWA LLC for real estate and financial investments.


Prof. Anjum Siddiqui, PhD

Dr. Siddiqui is a senior economist and scholar with diverse expertise in monetary economics, macroeconomics, finance, and international business. He is an internationally recognized scholar in policy oriented macroeconomic research which has been published in reputable journals and recognized by peers. He holds a PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University, Canada and an MA in Economics from University of Ottawa.
Dr. Siddiqui has senior leadership and management experience in the banking sector. As the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Economist and Head of Strategic Planning at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), he was the Lead Economist representing NBP in the $300 million “Banking Sector Reform Project” for Pakistan, financed by the World Bank. He has been a Research Consultant to Reserve Bank of New Zealand where his research on monetary policy and its effects on interest rates was utilized in policy considerations and was also published in international journals. He also served on the “Monetary Policy Task Force” at the State Bank of Pakistan.
Dr. Siddiqui has valuable industry experience in the fertilizer and utilities sectors. Earlier he served in the New Ventures Division of Engro Chemicals as an Advisor on multimillion dollar joint venture projects between Engro and Japanese MNEs. He was the Senior Advisor on Financial Risk Management at Hub Power Company. Dr. Siddiqui also has many years of consulting experience as economic and financial consultant, management trainer, and research consultant in the oil and gas, utilities, banking and real estate sectors. He has been a management trainer to ABN AMRO Bank executives and also lectured the central bankers from South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand in the SEANZA Conference in 1994 held at the State Bank of Pakistan.
Dr. Siddiqui has rich and varied academic leadership experience. He has taught at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and at various leading Canadian universities such as the University of Toronto, York University, Wilfred Laurier University and the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology etc. Dr. Siddiqui is also the Editor and Contributing Author of the book “India and South Asia: Economic Developments in the Age of Globalization” published by M.E. Sharpe Publishers New York, 2007. Dr. Siddiqui is a well cited scholar and he has published in such reputable journals as The World Economy (UK), Applied Economics (UK), Managerial Finance (UK), Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (USA) Applied Econometrics and International Development (Spain), International Economic Journal (Korea), New Zealand Economics Papers (New Zealand) etc. His research and comments on the economy have appeared in the Pakistan Development Review, Pakistan& Gulf Economist, South China Post, Washington Post, Financial Times and BBC etc.
Dr. Siddiqui has served on the Editorial Boards of several international peer reviewed journals. He has supervised graduate theses at various universities and also been an external examiner for PhD theses in Economics. He was also involved as the Head Examiner for the Bankers Institute of Pakistan in 2001. Dr. Siddiqui has been a member of such think tanks as the Centre for Pacific Basin Studies (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) and the Quantitative Macroeconomics & Real Business Cycles Group (Connecticut). He has also recently held visiting positions as a Research Scholar at the University of Ottawa, Canada and University of Auckland, New Zealand. Dr. Siddiqui’s contributions as a professional economist have been recognized by the Marquis Who’s Who.


Dr. Fakhrul Zaman, PhD

Dr. Fakhrul Zaman earned his doctorate in management from University Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia (UNIRAZAK) focusing on the area of Hospitality Entrepreneurship. He gained his MBA in Techno Entrepreneurship from University Technology Malaysia (UTM) while his Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management was from University Technology MARA, Malaysia (UiTM).  Prior to joining Sulaiman Alrajhi University, Dr. Fakhrul Zaman was a Chair of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department College of Business Management at Fahad Bin Sultan University where he was responsible in the development and accreditation of various programs in his school.


Dr. Wassan A.A. Al-Khowaiter, PhD

Wassan A.A. Al-Khowaiter is an Assistant Professor of Management Information System and female section supervisor in SRC and a former dean of nursing collage at Qassim University, KSA. She obtained her PhD in MIS from Swansea University, UK and MSc in E- business and IS from Newcastle University, UK. Dr.Wassan has co-authored several papers which have appeared in international refereed journals such as JAMR, IJIM, IJBE, IJME and IJEGR. She teaches Information System, Business Data Base and System Analysis and Design for undergraduate level. She has keen research interest in IT adoption and diffusion and Social Media adoption and impact.