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SRSB believes of the role of its faculty members as generators of innovation and creators of impact, at the time of its vision towards achieving prestigious accreditation such as AACSB and the national accreditation as an evidence for its quality processes, in which SRSB’s faculty members have to provide an evidence of excellence in teaching, quality research, significant participation in the daily life of SRSB and engagement activities with society and business community. SRSB’s Faculty members are to participate daily in student’s related activities that includes advising, career development, mentoring, supervision and other activities that are aligned with SRSB strategies. Our faculty members are to be part of SRSB team who participates in achieving SRSB Mission.
Our SRSB faculty members bring to the classroom years of academic and professional experiences in different business related majors. They are top scholars holding highest degrees in their academic fields and they are continuously engaged with business communities which make them current in their knowledge and aware of surrounding business environment. Our faculty members are qualified according to AACSB standards and NCAAA criteria.