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    SRU has its plan to provide a comprehensive set of academics programs to meet the needs of the aspiring students who seek to be innovative in thinking and entrepreneurial in practice. As a not for profit organization, SRU is starting by the academic year 2016/2017 with its bachelor degree in business administration (BBA) with three unique majors which are:
    • Management.
    • Accounting and Information Systems.
    • Finance and Risk Management.
    In addition to these three department, SRU has established a unique program which is the “Foundation Program” that is designed to help new students to enhance their English language proficiency and through a comprehensive courses to help them in achieving the targeted language requirements for the BBA program.
    The BBA program is designed to be the first BBA program with such unique majors in Saudi Arabia. The BBA program is designed based on stakeholder’s expectations and needs in order to open the doors for SRU’s graduates to easily place their self in today’s business world. The curriculum of the BBA program is designed to provide the students with different experiences in their domain knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, research and professional practices that make the BBA program unique and innovative at the regional level.
    SRU has not only created a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum but it is equally committed to creating an ecosystem that will facilitate the development and success of its students. The goal in this program is not merely to educate but to prepare students to become catalysts in the sustained development of the Saudi Arabian economy. This is particularly evident in the incorporation of field-based activities throughout the curriculum. Co-op and internship experiences are two critical and differentiating elements associated with this program. In combination with course materials that are case based and more dynamic – as opposed to traditional lecture-based – the students at the Sulaiman Al Rajhi School of Business will develop the adaptive capacities as well as the necessary technical capacities for success in their chosen field.
    SRU programs are structured to strengthen leadership and communication skills among the students. Similarly, the coursework has been developed to facilitate teamwork skills among the students so that they can develop much need critical thinking and other essential capacities. In addition, the program’s goals include engaging the students in the developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.