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Teaching and Learning at SRU

SRU has established its academic process in line with global best practices in order to provide high quality teaching through implementing state of the art learning strategies in its different programs. SRU has worked with top American business schools to establish its curriculum that facilitate students learning and graduates development. Course content, assessment tools, teaching strategies, and delivery modes are developed to bring international experiences into local environment. SRU strives to provide a unique learning experience to its students through case based education and experimental learning in order to enhance student’s innovative and entrepreneurial skills. Joining SRU is the right way to start your own long life learning journey. At SRU, our goal is to provide teaching experience that supports student’s academic, professional, intellectual, entrepreneurial, and personal development in an innovative manner.
At SRU, different teaching and learning strategies are to be implemented in order to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders who can make an impact at the Saudi economy. Case based teaching, experimental and action based learning are incorporated in SRU curriculum in order to link our students to real market circumstances during their learning experience at SRU. SRU is a unique learning environment that make the learning is for long life acting.