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Sulaiman AlRajhi Colleges (SRU)

Driven with enlightening the nation, and the implementation of Sheikh Sulaiman Alrajhi’s long-term comprehensive vision, SRU has been established as a first block toward achieving the full vision of establishing a fully integrated not for profit university complex. This educational city will include an educational hospital, educational, social, sport facilities, and diverse colleges that covers all specialties needed in our Islamic society for our male and female students. SRU aspires to provide its students with a unique academic experience. These students are selected through a stringent process by groups of experienced staff and competent professors with outstanding profiles conforming to the colleges' message to create leaders in society. These leaders are equipped with not only academic knowledge, but also with leading qualities which enable them to participate in the prosperity of the Islamic nation. SRU is providing World Class Education in a Local Environment to be a leading institution in education, research and community services on local and regional levels


Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business (SRSB)

As a part of Sheikh Sulaiman Alrajhi’s long-term comprehensive vision towards investing in human capital and developing future leaders who are able to make the change to their communities, SRSB has been established to be the inculpate of innovation and entrepreneurship in Sulaiman AlRajhi Colleges and to be an important component of the Kingdom’s long-term economic and competitive development. The intention of the school of business is to provide a dynamic, market-centered and high quality academic experience. The Sulaiman AlRajhi College is to be commended for positioning the SRSB of business beyond the usual academic confines. What will make this particular business school so unique in the region is that it aims to create value for students, local enterprises as well as the nascent entrepreneurial community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SRSB recognizes that in a 21st century marketplace, engaging students in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is an imperative. The modern economy in Saudi Arabia has migrated from one that was primarily industrial and manufacturing based to one that is increasingly knowledge-oriented and entrepreneurial. This is one of the many characteristics that distinguishes the business program at the Sulaiman Al Rajhi School of Business.