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Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business (SRSB) is a not for profit organization that affiliates to Sulaiman AlRajhi Colleges (SRC) which is a prominent educational group in Saudi Arabia that has generous support from Sulaiman A.Alrajhi Charitable Foundation established by Sheikh Sulaiman Bin Abdul-Aziz AI-Rajhi as a part of his vision towards establishing an educational city that focuses on human building through teaching, research and community services. SRSB is going to be one of the leading business schools in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region through providing quality education and impactful research supported by significant engagement with an entrepreneurial theme.

Our Vision

Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business is to be the school of choice for entrepreneurial leaders regionally.

Our Mission

To develop innovative and entrepreneurial leaders through quality and skills-based programs, engaging with local and regional business communities, and promoting intellectual contributions.

Why Choose SRSB

In addition to the fact that Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges is a one of its kind educational institution that enjoys unique access to healthcare education resources globally, given below are some of the reasons that make us stand out:

  • Latest Curriculum & Highly creative learning methodology
  • Entrepreneurial Business School
  • The First Business School with English Curriculum in Qassim
  • Hub for Innovation
  • Socially Responsible Environment
  • Building Creative Leaders
  • Scholarships Available for Saudi & Non-Saudi students
  • Unique Study Courses
  • Non-Profit Institution
  • Professional & personal support
  • International Course Selection
  • Electronic student study assistance


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- Dr. Obaid AlMoatiri

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Latest Events:

Attended by the chair of its board of directors Dr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman AlRajhi, and Chief Supervisor of Sulaiman AlRajhi Colleges Professor Abdulrahman AlMazrou. Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business has successfully organized a workshop titled "innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility: Engagement and Innovation" in its campus at AlBukairyah. Social innovation is considered nowadays as the new era of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) after two decades of practicing CSR and implemen read more ...

Latest News:

Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business (SRSB) has participated in the AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference: Europe, Middle East, and Africa which held on 7–9 May 2017 in Vienna, Austria with more than 180 participants from Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prof. Qasim Zureigat from SRSB has been invited as a panel speaker with Andreas Altmann, Rector, MCI Management Center Innsbruck. At this conference to present a session titled "The Scope of Accreditation: The School’s Perspective and Futur read more ...
In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, out of 178 applicants Sulaiman AlRajhi School of business (SRSB) has successfully selected 7 Saudi candidates to be sent for PhD scholarships to the United States of America and Canada. Those candidates were selected based on different criteria including assessment test, experience, background, academic qualifications and a comprehensive interview in order to select those who can contribute to the innovative culture of SRSB and who can engage in S read more ...

As of April 2017, Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business (SRSB) is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and has begun its journey towards enhancing its operations based on international standards and best practices to take its operations towards being global ones. AACSB is the longest serving global associ read more ...

Sulaiman AlRajhi School of Business (SRSB) has received its first batch of students by the second semester 2016/2017 on February 2017. Those students who joint SRSB have fulfilled the admission requirements and English language requirements successfully. The first admitted batch of students are the first students who decided to be entrepreneurial and innovative leaders at SRSB. SRSB has started with qualified faculty members who are scholarly qualified (In accordance to AACSB international sta read more ...

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